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Coming to the Netherlands

  • Sunday, April 06 2008 @ 12:06 PM CEST
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On September 14, 2000, I departed Chicago to take up a new job and all that such entails in the Netherlands. On Septermber 18 I began work with Atos Netherlands, now known as Atos Origin Engineering Services in Leiden.

This section of my web site will chronicle my adventures (?) living and working here. For the moment, it will be -- at least until I have time to write up something more about my experiences. But I now have a nice little digital camera, and can at least put up some pictures that I've taken recently.

The photo above is the view from my office window, looking out over south Leiden sort of towards the center of town. The building in the foreground on the left is another office building, and the other buildings are apartment blocks. Cities in the Netherlands tend to be quite densely-populated -- even small ones like Leiden. Though they don't all show in the photo, I believe that I can see over 1000 apartments from my office window. But it's not all apartments; though they don't show up well in the photo, there is a neighborhood of houses in the foreground in front of the apartment blocks. (My house, fwiw, is in the direction behind the building with the red awnings.)


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  • Coming to the Netherlands
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  • Coming to the Netherlands
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