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My house

  • Sunday, April 06 2008 @ 12:40 PM CEST
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When I first came to the Netherlands, I found an apartment in the center of Leiden. It was quite nice, but a bit expensive. So, when I decided that I would be staying here, I went looking for a place that I could buy. After a bit of research, and looking at various places, I finally bought a small house in April 2003. Interestingly enough, the new house is only about 500 meters from my old apartment.

The photo above is the view from the skylight of my new house, looking southward towards the "Morspoort", which sits under the dome seen in the middle of the frame. At the end of the street, in front of the Morspoort, is a small square, and directly across the street from my house, at the right of the photo, are some buildings from the Museum for Volkenkunde.

This is a view from next to the Rembrandtbrug, looking back across the Galgewater toward my old apartment. You can't actally see the apartment, or even the building, in this photo, but there is a courtyard behind the new buildings at the center right, and my apartment was in the courtyard.

And, this photo is taken from a point about halfway between my old apartment and my new house. From this position, if you were to turn to the left about 120 degrees, you would be able to see the small square by the Morspoort.

And this is a view of the front of my new house. It is one of three rowhouses that were obviously all built together, as the exteriors are different only in small details, such as the windows. Of course, they have been changed quite a bit on the inside since they were built in around 1860.

In my house, the ground floor was completely redone in the 1980s. The main part of the ground floor is a living/dining room, with the kitchen and bathroom in an addition at the rear.

One of the interesting features is an open stair to the first floor, which I understand is something traditional for this sort of house. This stair is actually new, and I don't know if it has been the same since the house was built (there are a few things that suggest that things have been changed over the years, and then possibly changed back again).

There are a front and back bedroom on the first floor. And the second floor, under the roof, is finished.

This is a view from the street in front of my house, looking south toward the Morspoort and the square. There are two cafes on the square, and in the summer months the tables outside on the square are very popular.

If one were to follow the bicyclists straight ahead down the street on the other side of the square, one would be at the Rembrantbrug, from where the photo of my old apartment was taken.

And this is a view from the street in front of my house, looking north. The large building straight ahead is the main building of the Museum for Volkenkunde.


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  • My house
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  • My house
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  • My house
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