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  • Saturday, April 05 2008 @ 04:27 PM CEST
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General News

This is a new page, in which I hope to include various information that was previously found on my (rather lame) web page. It uses GeekLog 'blog' software, but primarly as a CMS (and to allow comments, should any arrive). I expect that it will change only occasionally; perhaps a bit more freqently than my old page, but still not often. It is still unexciting, though I hope to make it at least a bit less so in the near future.

Of course, I have at least some useful content here, most notably my Help! I've Been Spammed! What do I do? FAQ, as well as other useful net abuse information. This is somewhat out of date, but not completely useless.

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What is the best new feature of Geeklog?

What is the best new feature of Geeklog?

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  •  MS SQL support
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  •  Multi-language support
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  •  Calendar as a plugin
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